Administrative Procedures

Placing an Order

A completed "Publications Department Work Request" form must accompany all orders. Please call the Publications Department with questions prior to sending your work request. The date your materials will be needed MUST be filled in on the form, as well as the number of originals being sent, and the authorized signature (Budget Manager). Any orders without those required fields completed will be returned. Forms are available through school front offices and the Publications Department. A work order (in .pdf format) is available under the Forms link above.  

Minimum Copies

Before sending a job to Publications Department, please make sure you are within the minimum copier guidelines.

The black and white copier has a minimum of 500 copies. The total number of copies must be 500 or more.

The full color copier has a minimum of 20 copies. The total number of copies must be 20 or more.

Lead Time

Lead-time is the time between your request for service and its completion. An average job will take three to five working days. We request that you allow the department a maximum of 15 working days to complete booklets, calendars, manuals; and documents that require system wide copying.


Though we have many capabilities, some projects will need to be done by an outside vendor/commercial printer. Each department is responsible for budgeting funds for payment to outside vendor(s). If we encounter a job that would need to be outsourced, the department/school will be notified and information will be provided so that a purchase order can be executed from the department/schools budgeted funds. The Publications Department staff can help you in getting your job to the proper vendor. We can format your job for commercial printing capabilities. The completed product will be sent via electronic document to the department contact for final approval. Once approved, the department is responsible for sending the final document to the vendor/commercial printer. Any proofing from vendor/commercial printer will be the department's responsibility.

Customer Proofing Policy

The Publications Department will require you to check and approve documents created in our department. When we provide a proof, you must check all the information, spelling, grammar, layout, etc. for errors that may lead to your dissatisfaction with the final printed piece.

If changes are necessary, you must mark the proof stamp "changes required." Changes should be clearly marked with colored ink. After changes are made, we will submit a revised proof. The proof submission cycle ends only when the proof is approved.

When approving the proof, you must sign and date the proof stamp. This indicates the order is ready to be printed.