Welcome to the Elementary Education Department


The Elementary Education Department is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of teachers and students at the K – 5 levels. Our goal is to provide quality staff development for the profession, an array of opportunities for administrators and teachers to continue their professional growth throughout their career, provide quality instruction and to focus on each student making yearly academic growth.


The elementary curriculum and instruction staff will provide service, leadership, and support for principals and teachers to enable them to implement a comprehensive, challenging, integrated, and sequential curriculum which provides meaningful and rigorous learning experiences for all students.

General Program Description

Brunswick County elementary schools provide students with a strong academic foundation for lifelong learning. A comprehensive education is designed and implemented by knowledgeable staff to ensure successful growth and development of the whole child.

Program Goals

Brunswick County Elementary Schools will provide instructional opportunities that:

Meet the academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of children

Expect academic growth for all children

Provide a safe and orderly environment where learning takes place

Focus on preparing students to think critically, work cooperatively, and strive for high standards

Prepare students to meet the challenge of an advanced, technological society

Read to Achieve DPI video link to my webpage. It is a narrated clip for parents.

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