Welcome to the Secondary Education Department!


Dr. Deanne Meadows
Assistant Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer

35 Referedum Drive
Bolivia, NC  28422
phone:  910-253-2900 ext 1081
fax: 910-253-2983





Is a Professional Learning Community


Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our students and focus on the essential questions for their success:


What do we expect our students to LEARN?

How will we know our students have LEARNED it?

What will we do if our students HAVEN’T LEARNED it?

What will we do if our students ALREADY KNOW it?

The Secondary Education Division is committed to providing leadership and support to all stakeholders in our middle and high schools.  We are continuously working to improve the quality of education available to all of our students.  The instructional programs offered in our schools are based on best practices and research proven strategies.

High School: (Grades 9-12) High schools are committed to guiding students in their pursuit of a program of learning that meets their needs and interests.  Our high schools offer courses of study that meet state and national standards.  Additionally, our high schools have created processes and programs to personalize the high school experience.  The Secondary Team works collaboratively with schools to ensure that all students graduate on time prepared for the future.


Middle School (Grades 6-8)  Middle schools are organized into interdisciplinary teams of two to four teachers who work together to provide research based instruction to a specific group of students.  This organization offers advantages for students, teachers and parents.  As a team, teachers are better able to address students’ needs.  Additionally, under the team concept, parents communication is facilitated.  Teacher teams prove invaluable in assisting students as they make the academic and social transition between elementary school and high school.



PROCEDURE FOR DEMONSTRATION OF PROFICIENCY (Click Below) (This information was added after the publication of the High School Curriculum Guide)



Mary Force – Leland Middle School

Patrick Bellamy – South Brunswick Middle School

Bridget Poe-Vaccaro – Shallotte Middle School

Suzanne Bracey – Waccamaw School

James Shankle – Cedar Grove Middle School

Randy Fennell – North Brunswick High School

Christopher Roehner – South Brunswick High School

Jimmy Fletcher – West Brunswick High School


High School & Middle School Athletic Handbooks are attached below.