Student Support Services

"Children are our most valuable resource." Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President


Student Support Program faculty and staff of Brunswick County Schools provide a nurturing environment which acknowledges our students' creativity and stimulates personal growth. We empower our youth to meet the diverse demands of a complex and evolving society, and it is our goal that the "whole community" endeavor results in reliable, motivated, and self-fulfilled education for our future leaders.


Student Support Services, include prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families.We support an integrated, collaborative system of prevention, early intervention and care for all students that supports student learning and success.

 Our mission is to provide quality support services to achieve a safe and orderly and caring environment and to address the physical, emotional, and social factors that present barriers to learning, healthy development, and social well-being. For questions, concerns, or to request information please contact the following:

McKinney-Vento (Homeless) contact: Patricia Rourk

School Social Workers contact: Meredith Lloyd

School Nurses contact: Helen Davis

School Resource Officers contact: Helen Davis

 Student Support Services